how to sell and promote beauty products online

Being a beauty product sell you will need a solid platform where you can easily sell your beauty products online. There are lots of ways you can use but only few of them are working like rocks but since you are already in business you might be selling your products from somewhere else. This is actually a good idea to promote your products or sell your products either through ecommerce or free classifieds because both of them are free to use and have potential.

Even though they are both equal type of platform but there is still huge difference between the two because ecommerce is solely made for selling products online and so as the classifieds. But classifieds website is an open source so the seller needs to figure out how to ship the product to their customer when they are selling on classifieds website but that is not the case with ecommerce because on ecommerce, they send the product to the customer.

Classified website is built to promote business whereas the ecommerce is to sell products only. The different between these two is very thin but makes them different from each other because on classified website you can promote your own store but on ecommerce you are promoting the website not you because there are lots of sellers who might be selling the same product and buy doesn’t care if they buy from you or from other.

Ecommerce has some benefits because most sellers who sells on ecommerce often get good sales and handle the returns which is obviously happens on ecommerce website. But on classified website the picture is different, you can make or create your own store by yourself and promote on classified website. The promotion is totally free on classifieds website and you are actually promoting your store not your profile on classifieds website.